Name Organization Summary Follow-Up
Doug PiersonInformation Technology Division, CoMAProblem with table of contentsIssue corrected
Caroline ManzelliInformation Technology Division, CoMAVision scenarios should appear earlier in the documentAbbreviated vision scenarios added to Executive Summary
Ellen BickelmanOperational Services Division, CoMAPositive comments about the PlanNone needed
Sharon WrightExecutive Office of Health and Human Services, CoMADevelop web services to access data in the enterprise applicationsForwarded to Director of Application Services for consideration
Rich HynesInformation Technology Division, CoMAPositive comments about the PlanNone needed
Dana BlackInformation Technology Division, CoMATypo on page 9Issue corrected
Clinton RandallInformation Technology Division, CoMAAddonline customer service forum or chatForwarded to Director of Mass.Gov for consideration
Karen DawsonInformation Technology Division, CoMANumber guiding principlesLeave as is so as not to imply priority order
Nancy BurkeOperational Services Division, CoMAVarious comments from OSDAdded "leveraging automation" to goals statement for Enhanced Procurement Processes initiative
Paul Peter NicolaiOn behalf of Springfield Regional Technology CouncilPlan does not specifically address independent authorities, constitutional offices, the legislative and judicial branches, counties and municipalitiesNon-Executive Department entities sponsored and participated in the creation of the plan and are encouraged to collaborate in its implementation. Inclusion of local government entities will be considered in future planning efforts.
Liz ChamberlainAsyscoProduct recommendationWill be taken into consideration
Anton GeorgievBoston UniversityProposal for a civic engagement platformForwarded to Director of Mass.Gov for consideration
Deirdre CummingsMASSPIRGRecommendation for using the internet for budget transparencyForwarded to Director of Mass.Gov for consideration
Janice DepauloSun MicrosystemsPositive comments about the PlanNone needed
Jessica Atwood
Sharon Ferry
Pioneer Valley Connect
Berkshire Connect
Stresses the importance of broadband availability in the Western part of the stateWill be addressed through the state's Broadband initiative
Susan McConathyCiscoPoints out importance of mobility and presence; plan should more clearly show how technology can help achieve policy agenda.Once the technology foundation is strengthened, future plans will be able to make a more direct link between business/policy goals and technology goals
Kelly McLaughlinIBMRecommends connection to business initiatives, continued collaboration, expansion of risk management, wider inclusionWill be taken into consideration in the implementation of the plan as well as future planning efforts
Robert GermainHUB TechEmphasis on open standards in guiding principles disadvantages proprietary software; recommends using Information Security Task Force for Small Businesses as model for Information Security PlanForwarded to Chief Information Security Officer for consideration
Dave McClureGartnerTechnology strategy should be closely tied to line of business strategy; non-IT stakeholders should be included in implementation.Will be taken into consideration in the implementation of the plan as well as future planning efforts
Jim WelchInformation BuildersMajor impediment to an efficient and effective IT infrastructure is Governance; shared services and SOA should be implemented strategically; build data integration infrastructure; government operational transparency should be a priorityWill be taken into consideration in the implementation of the Plan

Created 12/9/08: Information provided by ITD's Planning & Strategy Office