The Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW) brings together a subset of the financial, budgetary, human resource, payroll and time reporting information maintained in dedicated and separate systems by individual agencies. CIW provides access to integrated, common data that supports timely, well informed business decisions to authorized users through a centralized and integrated repository.

This service includes:

  • Design, development and implementation
  • Assessment of requested data for integration into the CIW
  • Data mapping
  • Development and/or enhancement of enterprise-wide data quality principles and standards
  • Management and administration of the data warehouse
  • End-user outreach activities
  • Supported infrastructure that allows participants to effectively collect, process, share and distribute related information
  • A secure CIW intranet ( providing both a central CIW communication platform and a users' forum to ask questions, share information and best practices, and to submit suggestions.