The Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) provisions the HRCMS (Human Resources Compensation Management System) application that is a reliable and secure system used by 149 departments, 2000+ end users to process personnel and payroll transactions based on the policies governing 85,000+ public employees of the Commonwealth. The Enterprise Services Applications Office provides development, maintenance, enhancements, and 24x7production support of the enterprise wide application. Services provided to Administration & Finance, Judicial and Higher Education.

This service includes:

  • Modify, set up & run mass changes on a regular basis (COLAs, step increases, leave accrual processing, vacation plan transitions, reclassifications, retroactive processing, auto-post holidays). See Mass Update Program details doc format of hrcms_mass_update_programs.doc
  • Maintain the application configuration tables (union dues fees, time & attendance codes, payroll codes, salary plan updates, benefit plans, tax updates etc.)
  • Modify application pages, reports, batch processes (Needs approval from the HRCMS Executive Committee).
  • Add new vendors to the application, payroll process, interfaces.
  • Add new departments to HRCMS (auto-hire, benefit plans, etc).
  • Merge departments in HRCMS (group terminations, auto-hire, etc)
  • Add inbound time & labor interfaces to HRCMS to reduce users posting in HRCMS.
  • Create ad-hoc processes & reports (audit reports, furloughs, position bumping, record fixes).
  • Support batch scheduling changes (move payroll day due to national holidays, FY end processes, calendar processes, iterative W2 data clean-up, create W2s, user requests to add new business).
  • Actively drive the bi-weekly payroll process (creates interfaces to 250 vendors, hundreds of reports, pays 85,000+ employees, sends/receives interfaces to control departments such as OSC, TRE, GIC, DOR and DSS.
  • Provide "super users" in control departments with Correction-mode level security.
  • Add/modify interfaces between our business partners' applications (OSC, TRE, GIC, DOR, DSS, Higher Education, HRD).
  • Support technical infrastructure/architecture maintenance & upgrades (PeopleSoft upgrades, hardware upgrades, Oracle patches, PeopleSoft tax upgrades (six per year), People Soft patch bundles (four per year), etc.