You must first determine whether you want to use a top level friendly URL or a virtual directory friendly URL. Please note that virtual directory friendly URLs are only available for portalized sites.

A top level friendly URL is created by Mass.Gov and must be unique in state government. Top level friendly URLs can be created for both portalized and nonportalized sites. Examples of top level friendly URLs are:

To request a top level friendly URL submit your request using COMiT - Request Services.

Provide the following in your request:

  1. The friendly URL you are requesting and the destination URL that the friendly URL will redirect to. The destination URL must be a Mass.Gov portal or sub-portal page.
  2. Business justification that explains why you need a friendly URL and how you will promote it. (enter in the description field of your COMiT service request).
  3. Whether you are requesting a top level URL (portalized or nonportalized sites) or the creation of a virtual directory (portalized sites only) that you may use to make your own virtual directory friendly URLs.

Both top level URLs and virtual directory URLS are modified every Thursday afternoon, between 1:00pm and 3:00pm. To ensure your URL is enabled in time, please submit your request no later than Friday of the previous week. If this timeframe doesn't fit your schedule, simply create a temporary "coming soon" page that can be replaced with your actual content.

If you are requesting a top level friendly URL for a new server, that server must have an actual server (or host) name to point to. Please see ITD's domain name service for advice and directions for getting a host name for a server.

Information provided by the Massachusetts Office of Information Technology, Mass.Gov Office. Last reviewed: September 23, 2016.