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Requesting a virtual directory or "virtual friendly" URL

Virtual directory URLs are unique to agency sites. Mass.Gov offers virtual directory URLs for portalized sites only. A site will request a virtual directory from Mass.Gov. If approved, Mass.Gov will set up a text file that agency content authors can manage. In the text file, virtual directory friendly URLs may be added, changed or removed by the agency content authors at any time. Examples of virtual directory friendly URLs are:

An agency would initially request that a virtual directory friendly URL be configured. In the above examples, "itd" and "consumer" are the virtual directories. Any text after the slash following the virtual directory is defined in a text file managed by the agency. Changes to the text file can be made at any time by the agency or secretariat and take effect immediately.

To request a virtual directory friendly URL submit your request using COMiT - Request Services.

Provide the following in your request:

  1. The virtual directory friendly URL you are requesting.
  2. Business justification that explains why you need a virtual directory friendly URL and how you will promote it. (enter in the description field of your COMiT request).

Mass.Gov will reply with an approval in three business days, or request additional information. Plan to allow two weeks after approval for implementation.


Virtual directory URLS are modified every Wednesday afternoon, between 1:00pm and 3:00pm. To ensure your URL is enabled in time, please submit your request no later than Friday of the previous week. If this timeframe doesn't fit your schedule, simply create a temporary "coming soon" page that can be replaced with your actual content.

If you are requesting a top level friendly URL for a new server, that server must have an actual server (or host) name to point to. Please see ITD's domain name service for advice and directions for getting a host name for a server.

Information provided by the Information Technology Division, Mass.Gov Office. Last reviewed: June 10, 2009.