• Overview of usability testing

    Detailed step-by-step outline on everything from planning the test, conducting the test, and post-test activities.
  • Moderator introduction guidelines

    Once your participant arrives for the test, it is important for the moderator to introduce himself/herself in a way that will put the participant at ease.
  • Sample test script

    Here is an example of an introductory script followed by the test questions used when performing usability testing for the State Ethics Commission.
  • Sample Paper Prototype  ppt format of Sample Paper Prototype

    This was the paper prototype used during usability testing of the State Ethics Commission website.
  • Sample Usability Testing Results Spreadsheet  xls format of Sample Usability Testing Results Spreadsheet

    This is an example of a spreadsheet that can be used to tabulate successes and failures during each usability test. You can use this spreadsheet, once completed, to assist with development of your final report.
  • Sample Test Results Report  doc format of Sample Test Results Report

    After the usability testing is complete, it is important to develop a report that discusses your findings and proposes solutions for any problems with your information architecture.
  • Conducting a Test Using Paper Prototypes  ppt format of Conducting a Test Using Paper Prototypes

    This is the presentation that occurred during the May 2008 Portal User Group (PUG) meeting.

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