Put the participants at ease. Set the stage.

Welcome, thank you for coming; we appreciate the time you're devoting to this test. I am [name] and this is (these are) [name(s) of notetaker(s)] from [your organization]. This is a relatively informal usability test that does not require a lot of familiarity with Mass.Gov. It is not a test of your computer or web searching skills, but rather a test of what we've done with the design of Mass.Gov.

We're asking you to think of yourself for the next hour as an individual citizen in Massachusetts (or a business person, or a government employee, etc). So picture yourself on your home computer, going to Mass.Gov.

State the objective of the test clearly.

Our objective for today is to get your feedback on the design of the [name] website and how the site works for you.

Explain the materials that you and the participants will use.

You will interact with a paper prototype and/or PC while a notetaker watches and records what you do.

Explain how the test will be conducted and what you want each participant to do.

[If there are intro questions] We will start by having each notetaker ask a few introductory questions. Then, we'll ask very specific questions that will require you to use the website.

We have prepared a list of questions that describes a situation or scenario. After I read each question, I would like you to start from the homepage and use the website to find the information the question is asking about. There may be more than one way to get the information. Don't be afraid to click around to find the information.But, if you can't find an appropriate response, don't worry, it shows us that we haven't done something right. Not being able to find something is very useful feedback. Once you feel you've found the right information, or you haven't found it in a minute or so, we'll go on to the next question.

[If there are general questions at the end.] Once we finish the specific scenario questions, each notetaker will ask you a few general questions.

We'll spend no more than an hour on the complete test.

Answer any questions about the test, but defer any other questions until the test is completed.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. All of the responses are extremely important to us. Any questions? Then, let's begin . . .