Moderator Introduction

Thank you for participating in this study.

We are looking to get feedback from various people about a new State Ethics Commission website that is currently being built. I am going to ask you several questions related to some paper models of pages that are being considered for this new site and would like you to answer them as honestly as possible.

As part of this process I would also appreciate it if you would "think out loud" as you review each page and verbally explain your reasons for each answer to my questions and your thought process as to why you made the choices you did.

To be clear, there is no right or wrong answers to my questions - we are just interested in observing your actions and decisions in hopes of improving how people will use this new website.

Test Questions

Show and tell me how you would find the information using the following scenarios:

  1. You are an attorney representing a public official in a pre-hearing conference and are looking for directions to the State Ethics Commission. Where would you go to find this information?
  2. You are a state employee. One of the vendors to your agency has just given a $25 gift card to each employee that they worked with on a project. Where would you go to find out if you can keep the gift card?
  3. You are a public official required to disclose your private business association and other financial interests, as well as those of your immediate family. Where would you go to file this statement?
  4. You are the chief of Police looking to schedule an educational seminar for you and your officers regarding how the Conflict of Interest Law affects you. Where would you go to find information on how to request a seminar?
  5. You are a town employee and are interested in running for State Senator. Where would you go to find information on whether or not you can do this?
  6. You are a State Representative looking for confidential advice on whether or not your actions may be in violation of the law. Where would you go to find information on how to receive advice from the State Ethics Commission?
  7. You are interested in finding out how many complaints the State Ethics Commission received during fiscal year 2007 regarding possible violations of the Conflict of Interest Law. Where would you go to find out this information?
  8. You are an attorney who is interested in reviewing a specific advisory opinion offered by the State Ethics Commission regarding actions of former public employees acting as agents. However, you don't know the specific case number or which year this advisory opinion was released. Where would you go to find this information?
  9. You are an average citizen interested in finding out more about what the State Ethics Commission does. You've come across a few words on the website that you don't understand and are hoping to find an area on the site that lists definitions for you. Where would you go to find this information?
  10. You are a public official who witnessed another public official receive a bribe and are interested in filing a complaint to the State Ethics Commission to alert them of this crime. Where would you go to do this?