Under a designation agreement with the Operational Services Agreement, the Information Technology Division signed a contract with ESRI for a Master Service Agreement (MSA or “state blanket contract”) under which all political subdivisions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can purchase both GIS software products and GIS-related services from ESRI.  The identifier for this MSA is ITS48designatedITD.

The contract prices are less than "list" and about the same as Federal GSA pricing.  This MSA replaces the previous MSA known as ITS39designatedITD.  Neil MacGaffey, Assistant Director of  MassGIS, was the procurement team lead and is the MSA’s point of contact.  The contract for the MSA was negotiated by ITD’s General Counsel, Linda Hamel.

When Massachusetts government agencies request a quote for software or services from ESRI, they will receive a correct quote if they request pricing under MSA "ITS48DesignatedITD".   Details of this MSA can be found on the Commonwealth’s procurement web site page under this contract.

Before using this contract, in the list of links to documents in the “Agency Attachments” area, download and read the “ITS48ContractUserGuide”; the actual link name will have a month and year added to the end of the name listed.  If you have any questions about the contract or about pricing NOT covered by documents available through the above web page, please contact Neil MacGaffey at neil.macgaffey@state.ma.us.

Last Updated 3/1/2017