How do I obtain the HERE file?

  • The agency needs to review and sign a licensing agreement and return it to MassGIS.  A CD-ROM will then be sent to technical contact designated on the licensing agreement signed by each agency or municipality. This contact will be able to copy and distribute the data to other users within the organization.
  • Please email or see the main project page .

Who should sign the license agreement and who is allowed to use the HERE file?

  • The person signing the licensing agreement must directly or indirectly manage all individuals in that agency who will use the HERE files; this includes temporary help or consultants being paid by the agency to deliver a service or product that will be used by that agency in its authorized operations.  Temporary help or consultants can only use the HERE files on equipment owned or leased by the agency and in an office location owned or leased by that agency. 

What is the data format?

  • MassGIS distributes the data in the shapefile format (which can be used with most commonly available GIS software) and in a personal geodatabase (for use in ArcGIS 9.3.1 and 10.0). The Technical Contact must specify which format is appropriate for them.
  • The NAVTEQ data will be accompanied by “Address Locators" -- files that will enable ArcGIS geocoding wizards to recognize and link to the attribute fields (street address and zone) used in geocoding. When using ArcGIS, users can choose among three zones, ZIP Code, town, or postal town (often the same as town).
  • In addition, MassGIS delivers ArcGIS 9.3 layer files (*.LYR) that facilitate data display (symbolization and labeling) for both ArcGIS 9.3 and 10.0.

Will updates be provided?

  • The technical contact may request an update once a year by emailing
  • MassGIS and the Massachusetts State 911 Department will be working to report errors and omissions to HERE. 

The dataset includes the entire State; can I reduce the size of the dataset to include just my area of interest?

  • Once you receive the data you may use your GIS software to clip the statewide dataset to any custom geographic extent.

My organization has been asked by a non-profit to do some geocoding with the HERE service and would like the results returned to them, can we do this?

  • Yes, you can provide geocoded results to non-state entities and return the results to them.  However, you can only do this when the geocoding is performed is directly part of a larger (i.e., the project involves more than just the geocoding) project in which your organization is participating.  Your office cannot establish a geocoding service bureau for private sector or non-profit organizations, even if you do not charge a fee for the service.

My organization is doing a study and data from several non-profits will be used. We would like to publish the results of our study; can we do this?

  • It doesn’t really matter where the addresses come from, rather where the results go. Since the work is being done by a state agency that intends to publish the results on their own behalf, this is OK.