The Massachusetts Highway Department, in cooperation with the Massachusetts State 911 Department and MassGIS, has purchased an enterprise license for the HERE (the company that now includes data products that were formerly branded as "Navteq") geocoding files for Massachusetts. The license allows these files to be used by any Massachusetts government agency or political subdivision, including commissions, boards, regional agencies, authorities, and cities and towns; however, the HERE files remain the property of HERE and may not be distributed to outside entities or for any commercial or mobile purposes.

MassGIS will act as the distributor of these data, which will be available in a shapefile format or a personal geodatabase. To facilitate the receipt of the data, an organization must first identify a Technical Contact (usually a GIS person) and a Signatory, who should be at the highest supervisory level possible in order to cover the most possible users.

MassGIS has been working with the Massachusetts State911 Department to correct and refine the data. 

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