RFR for GIS services

December 17, 2013 - The Commonwealth’s procurement office has recently released a Request for Responses (RFR) for IT Project Services.  The RFR seeks proposals in three categories, one of which is GIS.  Within the GIS Category there are three subcategories: 

  • General GIS Services
  •  Planimetric Mapping Services
  • Web Map Services or Clients Maintenance and Enhancement.  

The RFR will result in a state master service agreement (“state contract”) with pre-approved service providers that all political subdivisions of the Commonwealth can use for procuring GIS services.


To find the RFR go to http://www.comm-pass.com/

> Scroll to bottom of page and select Search for Solicitations

> Midway down the search page, enter ITS53 in the Document Number AND select "open" from the document status pull down list - DO NOT USE KEYWORDS SEARCH > The top of the same screen will now show a hyperlink saying that the search found 7 solicitations; click on that link

> On the next page click on the eyeglass icon to the right of the row that says "ITS53ProjServ - IT Services RFR ITS53" (should be top row)

> On the next screen, click on the "Specifications" tab

> On the next screen click on the eyeglass icon to the right of the top row of documents listed - the top row should say "ITS53 IT Project Services RFR".  Note there are other documents that you will need from this page and also from "forms and terms" tab.