• The MassGIS Data Viewer is a free toolbar for ArcMap 9.x and 10.0 map documents (.mxd) that may be used with data distributed on CD, DVD or hard drive by MassGIS.

    The toolbar includes buttons that easily allow you to:

    • Add data to your map, with full symbolization and labels, by choosing from a menu of data categories
    • Zoom to a specific geographic area
    • Search for a particular dataset
  • MassGIS Data Viewer - Overview

    What the toolbar includes, notes, and system requirements.

  • MassGIS Data Viewer - Documentation

    Installation documents and other useful information.

  • Upgrade Your MassGIS Data Viewer Toolbar

    Upgrade your toolbar to the latest version.

  • MassGIS Data Viewer - Online Technical Support

    Online support for the installation and use of the Data Viewer toolbar.