If you have already downloaded statewide or regional data from MassGIS and have upgraded from 9 to 10, you can download the file below so that the MassGIS Data Viewer Toolbar will work with your latest version of ArcMap.

The MassGIS Data Viewer Toolbar upgrade includes the most recent:

  • MassGIS_DataViewer.dll - Toolbar file for ArcGIS 9.x
  • AZAddIn2014.esriAddIn - Toolbar file for ArcGIS 10.x
  • themeinv.dbf - Theme inventory table, used to populate the 'A' button menus
  • theme2.dbf - File to allow users to add their own themes to the 'A' button
  • zoominv.dbf - Zoom Inventory Table, used to populate the 'Z' button
  • Documentation, including installation instructions

These files are contained in a .zip file. Once downloaded, extract the contents of the .zip and place them in the 'ArcGIS' folder where your Data Viewer files are currently stored, overwriting the older files. See the included installation instructions and user guide for more information.

Note that this download does NOT include GIS data. This upgrade requires a previous installation of MassGIS data with the Data Viewer. If you do not have a set of data from MassGIS, please go to this page to download a statewide data set, which includes the all the necessary files to run the MassGIS Data Viewer Toolbar in both ArcMap 9.x and 10.x. Also, the latest themeinv.dbf file may contain references to data that have been published after you last received data from MassGIS. If your data are out-of-date, we recommend downloading a new set of data.

Download MassGIS Data Viewer Toolbar Upgrade zip format of MassGIS_Data_Viewer_Upgrade.zip
file size 1MB

Last Updated 2/23/2016