October 2007

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The U.S. Congressional Districts datalayer reflects the U.S. House of Representatives voting district boundaries as established for the 108th Congress. These boundaries took effect in January 2003. The name of the statewide datalayers are CONGRESS108_POLY and CONGRESS108_ARC. These layer replaces the old layer named CONGRESS, which represented boundaries established for the 103rd Congress.


Staff at the Massachusetts Senate developed this layer with its contractor, Caliper Corp. (Newton, MA) using Maptitude for Redistricting software. MassGIS appended the 1:100,000 coastline and state outline and added the Representatives' name and party attributes.


The CONGRESS108_POLY attribute table has the following fields:
CD108 2 / I Unique number for each district
REP_FIRST 16 / C First name of representative
REP_LAST 16 / C Last name of representative
REP_PARTY 2 / C Political party of representative (D = Democrat)
REP 25 / C Rep.'s full name and party
URL 50 / C World Wide Web address for Representative

Note: The CD108 item is also found in the 2000 US Census Blocks layer (as CD_108), where it may be used for relating demographic information to Congressional districts.

In the CONGRESS108_ARC attribute table, the item OUTLINE is coded as follows:

  • 0 = internal district boundaries
  • 1 = state
  • 2 = coastline


MassGIS will update the layer as needed. In October 2007 the attributes for the 5th district were edited following the special election victory of Rep. Nicola S. Tsongas.

Last Updated 5/30/2013