November 2016

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The CPA Towns datalayer reflects the Massachusetts municipalities that adopted the Community Preservation Act. For more information about the Community Preservation Act contact the Community Preservation Coalition. The name of the statewide datalayer is TOWNS_POLY_V_CPA.


MassGIS developed this layer with the Community Preservation Coalition, which publishes statewide statistics on the CPA status of each city municipality. Data up-to-date as of November 10, 2016.


The TOWNS_POLY_V_CPA attribute table has the following items:

TOWN 21 / C Municipality Name
TOWN_ID 4 / I Municipality Id
ELEC_DATE * 255 / C Date of Election
BALLOT_PTH * 255 / C Path to Ballot
PCT_YES * 38 / D % Voting Yes
PCT_NO * 38 / D % Voting No
SURCHARGE * 255 / C Current surcharge
EXEMPTIONS * 255 / C Exemptions

* These fields are filled in only for towns that have adopted the CPA.


MassGIS will update the layer as needed. Also see the Community Preservation Act (CPA) Points layer.

Last Updated 12/29/2016