March 2012

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The DOR Real Property Verified Market Sales datalayer shows data from the DOR Division of Local Services Bureau of Local Assessment. BLA uses Property Sales Reports (the LA-3) to conduct assessment/sales ratio studies.

Beginning with FY 2010, the Bureau of Local Assessment is requiring annual sales submissions by all communities; these sales will be used to automatically generate sales statistics for certification, interim year adjustment (the LA-15) and the EQV process. In order to conduct an accurate study, data needs to be submitted on all sales over $1,000. A tabular version of the dataset can be accessed at An OLIVER-based interactive online mapping application to filter and map the data can be accessed at

Data are based on an extract from DOR on March 2, 2012 and represent sales from 2001 to third quarter 2011.

The layer is named DOR_LA3_PT.


MassGIS staff geocoded the an extract of LA3 data from the DOR database. The data were geocoded to enhanced Navteq streets. Not all tabular records were able to be geocoded.


The DOR Real Property Verified Market Sales datalayer's point attribute table contains the following items:
PARCEL_IDDOR Parcel ID number
JUR_CODEJurisdiction code (municipality number code)
SALE_IDDOR Sale ID number
FISCAL_YEARFiscal year
PROP_TYPE_IDType of property (see
ST_ALPHAAlpha portion of street number
ST_NUMStreet number of address
SALE_DATEDate of sale of property (true DATE field)
ST_NAMEStreet name
ASSESSMENT_VALUE   Assessed value of property
SALE_PRICESale price of property
BUYERBuyer name
SELLERSeller name
FULL_ADDRFull street address (ST_NUM + ST_NAME)
TOWNMunicipality name
SALEDATENUMDate of sale of property as YYYYMMDD


MassGIS maintains this datalayer and updates it from DOR LA3 data approximately quarterly or whenever significant numbers of records become available.

Last updated 7/20/2012