The GIS data layers listed on this page were developed by the Department of Transportation, Office of Transportation Planning (MassDOT-OTP). MassGIS stores unmodified copies in its ArcSDE geodatabase for use in OLIVER and the internal ArcMap Data Viewer. These layers may be downloaded as shapefiles from within OLIVER and also are included as shapefiles on MassGIS Data Viewer DVDs.

For details and links to download the data from MassDOT, please visit the following Web pages maintained by MassDOT (the names of the layers as stored at MassGIS are listed in parentheses):

The first seven layers may be accessed in OLIVER and the Data Viewers from the 'Infrastructure' category, the last two from 'Political Boundaries'.

The MassDOT-OTP's Data Resources section also maintains and distributes other GIS data layers. Visit the MassDOT site for the full list.

Last Updated 6/26/2012