The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Office of Transportation Planning (MassDOT-OTP) developed the GIS data layers listed on this page. MassGIS stores unmodified copies in our ArcSDE geodatabase for use in OLIVER and our internal ArcMap Data Viewer. You may downloaded these layers as shapefiles from within OLIVER.

Visit the MassDOT Open Data Portal to learn more about the layers listed below (their names as stored at MassGIS are in parentheses) and find additional GIS data:

  • Airports (AIRPORTS_PT)
  • Ferry Routes (FERRYROUTES_ARC)
  • Seaports (SEAPORTS_PT)
  • Boston Harbor Water Taxi Stops (WATERTAXISTOPS_PT)
  • Tollbooths (TOLLBOOTHS_PT)
  • Park and Ride Lots (PARKRIDELOTS_PT)

Last Updated 12/6/2016