April 1997

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency designated velocity and over-wash zones from the Flood Insurance Rate Maps were compiled by the Resource Mapping Project staff at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst for the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Program. The data are stored as a single statewide polygon layer named FIRMAOV_POLY.


Paper FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps at a variety of scales.


A polygon coverage was built by digitizing delineations interpreted on paper 1:24,000 USGS Topographic maps. The delineations were transferred to the USGS base from the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps utilizing a Zoom Transfer Scope. The shoreline used in this coverage is from the MassGIS 1:25,000 source. The automation of this data was conducted in May 1993. Minor changes to the delineations have been made and published by FEMA.


The layer's polygon attribute table has the following item:

Item Name Description
FPNAME "V" (Velocity Zone) or "AO" (Over-wash Zone) designation


Currently there are no plans to update this data by MCZM.

Last Updated 6/25/2013