August 1999

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The Fish Traps (weirs) datalayer contains the point locations of fish trap permit holders' traps.  These permit holders are licensed by the town in which the traps reside as well as by the MA Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF). Not all locations are active, and attributes in the PAT file reflect which trap was active each year from 1990 through 1998 based on catch reports submitted monthly by the permit holders. In ArcSDE the layer is named FISHTRAPS_PT.


Points were generated using lat/long coordinates from the fish trap permit holder applications. Each application details the proposed trap location including latitude/longitude. New points are added to the datalayer as new locations are approved by DMF. Currently there are 64 points in the datalayer.


The layer's point attribute table contains the following items:

   TRAPNO    3 3 I   DMF Trap Number
   ID        6 6 C   Permit ID Number
   ACT90     1 1 C   Active in 1990 (Y or N)
   ACT91     1 1 C   Active in 1991 (Y or N)
   ACT92     1 1 C   Active in 1992 (Y or N)
   ACT93     1 1 C   Active in 1993 (Y or N)
   ACT94     1 1 C   Active in 1994 (Y or N)
   ACT95     1 1 C   Active in 1995 (Y or N)
   ACT96     1 1 C   Active in 1996 (Y or N)
   ACT97     1 1 C   Active in 1997 (Y or N)
   ACT98     1 1 C   Active in 1998 (Y or N)


MassGIS is maintaining this datalayer.

Last Updated 5/30/2007