March 2012

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The Massachusetts Governor's Council Districts datalayer reflects the eight voting district boundaries as established by the Massachusetts General Court Special Joint Committee on Redistricting . These boundaries took effect in January 2012; however, no Member names will be added until after the fall 2012 elections . The name of the statewide datalayers are GOVCOUNCIL2012_POLY and GOVCOUNCIL2012_ARC


Staff at the Massachusetts General Court Special Joint Committee on Redistricting developed this layer with its contractor, Caliper Corp. (Newton, MA), using Maptitude for Redistricting software. MassGIS appended the 1:100,000 coastline and state outline and added the Councilor's name and party attributes.


The GOVCOUNCIL2012_POLY attribute table has the following fields:

DIST_NUM 16 / C Numeric district code from redistricting committee
DIST_NAME 16 / C Name of district
MEMBER 2 / C Name of Councilor
PARTY 25 / C Political party of councilor (D = Democrat)

In the GOVCOUNCIL2012_ARC attribute table, the item OUTLINE is coded as follows:

  • 0 = internal district boundaries
  • 1 = state
  • 2 = coastline


MassGIS will update the layer as needed.

Last Updated 3/13/2012