July 2013

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This statewide point represents major highway exit locations, with one point at each interchange for every limited access road that has numbered exits. The point is located where the two roadways cross. Attributes include the exit number and the highway route number associated with each exit. This layer was created by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Office of Transportation Planning GIS Services group.

The layer is named EXITS_PT.


The EXITS_PT point attribute table contains the following fields: 
ROUTEKEY The route to which the exit is associated
MILEPOINT The measure in miles along the route where the exit is located
PRIMARYKEY The unique identifier for the exit. This includes the ROUTEKEY and EXITNUMBER.
ROUTENUM The number of the route (I84 = 84)
EXITNUMBER The number of the exit, including letter designations
DISTNUMBER MassDOT Highway District in which the exit is located
FC State Functional Classification (Administrative Type) of the roadway:
1 = Interstate
2 = U.S. Highway
3 = State Route
0 = Not a numbered highway


MassDOT maintains the original dataset. With the July 2013 update the INTMARK_ID field has been removed, replaced with EXITNUMBER.

Last Updated 7/22/2013