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Each digital dataset name below links to a complete datalayer description page which contains metadata and links to free data download. The date below each datalayer title on the individual description pages represents the month and year that the data first appeared in the MassGIS database or the date of the datalayer's most recent update. If additional information is needed, especially at the feature level, review the Maintenance section of the metadata or contact the agency that created the data as listed on the dataset's page.

See the Data Overview page for data attribution and citation language and the spatial reference of our data. See this page for other ways to obtain data.

Contact Us to receive Data Update notices via email, or to let us know about an error or submit questions on MassGIS data. Also follow us on Twitter.

Image Data

Ortho Imagery (Aerial Photography)
Scanned Reference Maps
Elevation and Bathymetry
Environmental Analysis

Vector Data

Census/Demographic Data 

For 2000 and 2010, derived datasets include:

  • Environmental Justice Populations
  • Municipal Boundaries

See details on the pages for each year.

Coastal and Marine Features
Cultural Resources 
Environmental Monitoring
 Other Facilities and Structures
Physical Resources
  Land Use/Land Cover, Geological/Geophysical, Atmospheric
  Elevation and Derived Products
  Inland Water Features
Political/Administrative Boundaries
Regulated Areas

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