August 2015

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The Long Distance Trails line data layer represents trails that are longer than 25 miles. The data were created for the purpose of regional planning and mapping by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management (DEM), now the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and was modified for the DEM by the University of Massachusetts in 1997. DCR updated most of the trails with more accurate source data in June 2015.

This line feature class is named LONGDISTTRAILS_ARC.


GPS data was obtained from various sources, e.g. DCR and trail organizations, where available, and merged to create this summary data layer. The Warner Trail is the only trail without GPS data; it was digitized from paper maps.


The line attribute table contains the following fields:
NAME Name of trail
NAME2 Additional trail name information.
SOURCE Source of trail data
GIS_MI Length of each trail segment, calculated in miles.


DCR is maintaining this data layer. An update in August 2015 restored the Midstate Trail to the layer.

Also see the DCR Roads and Trails data.

Last Updated 8/12/2015