May 2013

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The LiDAR Terrain Data Index serves as a reference for downloading and ordering the LiDAR Terrain Data layers, which are organized into multiple project areas. This index dataset was created by MassGIS by merging shapefiles provided by each vendor as part of its complete LiDAR data delivery. MassGIS added the fields TILENAME (identifies the DEM and LAS files), and AREA_NAME (the project area to which it belongs). Note that tile sizes differ among the project areas, and some project areas overlap.

The layer is named LIDARINDEX_POLY.

See the overview Index Map pdf format of Lidar Index Map
based on this layer that displays all LiDAR project areas.

(Links to detailed index maps of each project area are found on each DEM download page; links to these pages appear on the main LiDAR Terrain Data page).


MassGIS maintains this layer and will update it should new LiDAR data be acquired.

Last Updated 6/24/2013