Images are available for download in MrSID format as 1,500 meters × 1,500 meters tiles (based on the 2008/2009 USGS Color Ortho Index pdf format of coq2008-09_index.pdf
file size 1MB [PDF] tiling scheme; refer to the 8-digit numbers in each tile). The MrSID images were created from 30cm and 15cm GeoTiffs at a 1:15 compression ratio. 

Method 1 - Select tiles with map    (NOTE: Pop-ups must be enabled in your browser)

Option A: Download all tiles for a city or town:

A new window or tab will open with a map zoomed in to the community of your choice outlined in blue, and the tiles to download outlined in red.

At the bottom of the Selection tab on the right side of the screen, click "To Spreadsheet" to download a comma-separated text file (may be opened in Excel or other programs). This file contains links to each image (a .zip file with the .sid image and accompanying files), as well as commands you can use in the free WGET and URL2FILE programs that facilitate batch download of the data.

Option B: Download any tiles:

Access the MassGIS Data Download Viewer

>> Questions on Options A or B? See the Step-by-Step Help page .
Method 2 - File listing

Refer to the tile index pdf format of coq2008-09_index.pdf
file size 1MB and right-click the .zip files to save locally from the following pages:

  • 30 cm imagery (available for entire state; approx. 1.5 to 5 MB each)  [ DOWNLOAD ]
  • 15 cm imagery (available for 44 cities and towns; approx. 4 to 20 MB each)  [ DOWNLOAD ]

To batch download or use command-line, use the WGET or URL2FILE programs.

Once downloaded, unzip each .zip file to extract the .sid image file and other accompanying files.

MassGIS extends a big thank you to the town of Amherst for hosting the data and customizing the data download mapping interface. For assistance using the map viewer to download imagery, contact Michael Trust at

Last Updated 7/12/2012