July 2005

Download these layers (ESRI Shapefiles):
 - 1-minute graticule
 - 10-minute graticule


Two layers are available that represent the graticule of latitude and longitude linework covering Massachusetts:
  • MINLL1_ARC - 1-minute latitude-longitude lines
  • MINLL10_ARC - 10-minute latitude-longitude lines
These two layers are meant to be used for general planning, cartographic display and educational purposes.


MassGIS used Arc/Info Workstation to GENERATE lines in NAD83 Decimal-Degrees coordinates using the FISHNET option, which were then projected to the Mass. State Plane NAD83 Meters Mainland coordinate system.


The MINLL10_ARC attribute table contains these items:
LATITUDE Latitude value of the line ("NA" if line is longitudinal)
LONGITUDE Longitude value of the line ("NA" if line is latitudinal)
LINE_0 Indicates whether the line is a 00 seconds line (i.e. 44 00 00)
The MINLL1_ARC attribute table does not contain any items other than those standard in an arc attribute table.


MassGIS is maintaining these layers.

In July 2005 these layers were re-created based on the production method described above. The previous versions were created based on NAD27 coordinates and were projected to NAD83, resulting in a slight shift from the features' true locations.

Last Updated 9/30/2008

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