August 1997

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The nautical datalayer was developed by Photo Science Inc. of Gaithersburg, Maryland for the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (MCZM) Program.  The datalayer contains 25 feature layers from NOAA nautical charts. Only features represented by line work were extracted. Aids to navigation and bathymetry were not compiled. In ArcSDE the layer is named NAUTICAL_ARC. An annotation feature class is named NAUTICAL_ANNO_DESC.


Thirty three individual NOAA digital nautical charts ranging in scale from 1:5,000 to 1:80,000.


TIFF imagery was imported to ESRI's Arc/Info with the IMAGEGRID command.  Magenta, Gray, and Black features were extracted with ARCSCAN.  Custom editing was conducted to capture or remove features after the ARCSCAN session.  Vector editing was conducted using imagery in the background.  Topology was generated for each chart with the BUILD LINE option.  All charts were APPENDED to a single state-wide coverage.  No "rubber sheeting" of data along chart boarders was conducted.  Features were split on boarders of different scale charts, and lower resolution data was removed.


The layer's arc attribute table has the CODE (0-24) and DESCRIPTIO items, as follows:
0    Unidentified
1    Channel Boundary
2    Traffic Lane
3    COLREGS Demarcation Zone
4    Cable
5    Pipeline
6    Sewer Line
7    Three Nautical Mile
8    Territorial Sea
9    Anchorage Area
10   Pilot Boarding Area
11   Pipeline Area
12   Precautionary Area

13   Prohibited Area
14   Cable Area
15   Channel Separation Zone
16   Disposal
17   Unexploded Ordinance Area
18   Fish Trap Area
19   Safety Zone
20   Spoil Area
21   Area to be Avoided
22   Anchorage berths
23   Tunnel
24   National Wildlife Refuge Area


MCZM has no plans to update this dataset.

Last Updated 9/30/2008