March 1991

Download these layers:
OUTLINE (100k coast): Shapefile 

OUTLINE (25k coast): Shapefile


These polygon and line datalayers are available that represent the outline (boundary) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:
  • OUTLINE_POLY and OUTLINE_ARC - contains the state outline with a 1:100,000 coastline
  • OUTLINE25K_POLY and  OUTLINE25K_ARC- contains the state outline with a 1:25,000 coastline
Sample of State Outlines


For the both layers, MassGIS digitized 1:25,000 linework from U.S. Geological Survey mylar map sheets for land boundaries. For the OUTLINE layer, a 1:100,000 coastline was extracted from USGS Digital Line Graphs. For OUTLINE25K, the coastline from the 1:25,000 Hydrography layer was used. All processing was done in ARC/INFO.


The OUTLINE_POLY and OUTLINE25K_POLY attribute tables contains this item:
AREA_ACRES Polygon area in acres
The OUTLINE_ARC attribute table contains this item:
SYMBOL 1 = Inland boundary
4 = Coastline (100k)
The OUTLINE25K_ARC attribute table contains these items:
COAST Y = Coastline (25k)
N = Inland boundary
0 = Coastline (25k)
5 = Inland boundary


MassGIS is maintaining these layers.

Last Updated 1/14/2008

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