April 2003


The points in this layer were created using Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data points collected during the production of the 1:5000 Black and White Digital Orthophoto images . These points are accurate to National Map Accuracy Standards (+- 1.5 meters). In ArcSDE the layer is named ELEVATIONS_PT. MassGIS distributes the data in Shapefile format, via our standard ordering process; each shapefile is named P<OQ_ID>, where OQ_ID is the SHEET_ID from the Orthophoto Index layer.


The points were produced using the ARC/INFO GENERATE command. The INPUT file was a .GEN file produced with an awk script which contained DTM point coordinates. The items NUMBER and SPOT were added to the .PAT using JOINITEM; their values were obtained from a .DAT file produced with the same awk script. Finally the item SFTYPE was set to 1 for mass. All of these data were extracted from the original DTM files collected on stereo analytic plotters. The points are tiled with the Orthophoto Index Grid coverage, which was used as a CLIP coverage as the DTM points overlap 5-10 percent in both directions.


The layer's point attribute table contains the following items:
SFTYPE Surface feature type
NUMBER Unique point ID
SPOT Elevation in meters
OQ-ID Source orthophoto tile number


This datalayer is maintained by MassGIS. For related datalayers see:

Last Updated 1/14/2008