December 2009

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This data, stored as a table that may be joined to community boundary (Towns) polygon layers, contains the public Electric, Gas, and Cable (television and perhaps other services) utility providers for each Massachusetts municipality as of May 2008. The source of data for Electric and Natural Gas was the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities as of April 23, 2008. The source of data for Cable utilities was the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable as of May 7, 2008.
Also included in the table are data from 2005. Sources of data for Electric and Gas utilities were utility websites and, where necessary, verbal confirmation with the municipality. Data for Cable utilities were provided by the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy as of May 12, 2005.
The table is stored as TOWNS_POLY_UTILITIES and may be joined to the Towns from Survey Points (TOWNSSURVEY_POLY) or Towns (TOWNS_POLY) layers on the TOWN_ID field.

PDF Map pdf format of elec08.pdf

Natural Gas
PDF Map pdf format of gas08.pdf

PDF Map pdf format of cable08.pdf
These themes are available in Oliver and the MassGIS Data Viewer from the menu choices:
CATEGORY:Infrastructure > SUBCATEGORY:Public Utility Providers


The TOWNS_POLY_UTILITIES table has the following items:
Item Name
3 / I

3-digit municipality identifier (1-351)
21 / C
Official municipality name
30 / C
Current (2008) Electric service provider
30 / C
Current (2008) Natural Gas service provider
30 / C
Current (2008) Cable service provider
30 / C
2005 Electric service provider
30 / C
2005 Natural Gas service provider
30 / C
2005 Cable service provider


MassGIS will maintain the data and update as needed.
Updates in March 2006 for the 2005 data included setting Belmont to 'KeySpan' and Millville to 'None' for Natural Gas providers.
In December 2009 ELEC was changed to 'Municipal' for Lakeville, Middleborough and Russell.

Last Updated 12/7/2009

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