May 2006

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The DEP Regions layer represents boundaries used by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for planning and administrative purposes. In ArcSDE are the layers REGDEP_ARC, REGDEP_POLY, and REGDEP_ANNO_REG (annotation, for region name labeling).


The polygon attribute table contains the following items:
REGION DEP Administrative Region
DEP_ID DEP Region Identifier
Codes are as follows: 
WEST 1 Western region - Springfield headquarters
CEN 2 Central region - Worcester headquarters
NE 3 Northeast region - Woburn headquarters
SE 4 Southeast region - Lakeville headquarters
The arc attribute table contains the item OUTLINE, where 1 = state borders and coastline, and 14 = DEP region boundaries.


MassDEP maintains this layer.
Boundaries were modified in May, 2006, to reflect the re-assignment of some towns to other regions by DEP.

Last Updated 1/14/2008