July 2003

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Regions are designated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS). Grouped by municipality, each EMS region is administered by a regional office dedicated to promoting patient care by coordinating communication among and enhancing the efficiency of providers of EMS including ambulance services, first responders and hospital emergency departments. Educational and training programs are also offered. 

To produce this layer representing the EMS regions, MassGIS received regional shapefiles from OEMS which were merged and then dissolved on TOWN_ID using ArcGIS software. MassGIS created the arc feature class and defined the attribute tables.

This STATE library layer is named REG_EMS. The ArcSDE layers and Data Viewer shapefiles are named REGEMS_POLY and REGEMS_ARC.


The polygon attribute table contains the following items: 
Item Width/Type Description
NAME 50 / C EMS Region Name
WEB_SITE 50 / C EMS Region Web site
REGION 1 / I EMS Region Number (1-5)
The arc attribute table contains the following items:
Item Width/Type Description
1 / I
Boundary type:
 9 = EMS Region boundary
 1 = State outline
 4 = Coastline


The table REGEMS_POLY_TOWNS (REG_EMS.TOWNS in coverage format)  identifies which towns fall within each EMS region. Items include: 
Item Width/Type Description
TOWN_ID 3 / I Municipality ID, from TOWNS layer
TOWN 21 / C Municipality name, from TOWNS layer
REGION 8 / C EMS Region Number (1-5)


The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Office of Emergency Medical Services will provide any updates to MassGIS.

Last Updated 7/15/2004