June 2012

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The Scenic Landscapes datalayer may be used as a state-wide overview of scenic areas as identified in the Massachusetts Landscape Inventory Project, 1982. The data is general in nature and is intended for general planning purposes only. This datalayer should be used in conjunction with the Landscape Inventory Report (1982).

In ArcSDE the layer is named SCNEINV_POLY.


This datalayer was digitized by staff at Department of Conservation and Recreation. The information was digitized from maps contained within the Landscape Inventory Project report.


The Scenic Landscape Inventory attribute table has the following fields:

Field Name













Shows the distribution of scenic areas across the six physiographic regions of Massachusetts.







This field describes the scenic quality of Massachusetts Landscapes listed in the Massachusetts Landscape Inventory Report.

Distinctive - Areas of the highest visual quality. Typically consists of openness, low population density, high relative relief, historical structures and land uses, agriculture, surface water, significant vegetation, important geological features, and lack of contemporary development.

Noteworthy - Areas of lesser, but nevertheless important, visual quality. Typically contains the same factors as ‘Distinctive’ landscapes but in lesser amounts or in lower quality. Region specific descriptions can be found in the Massachusetts Landscape Inventory report.

Distinctive/Noteworthy - This landscape may be either Distinctive or Noteworthy. The source map for this data was missing the label that specified the exact denomination.

All remaining portions of MA are considered “Common”







Landscape units group together scenic landscapes that share a common visual character within each physiographic region of the Commonwealth. An alpha numeric code was used in the survey to identify each unit.  Please refer to the Massachusetts Landscape Inventory report for details for each unit.







A descriptive title of the alpha numeric code used to identify each unit (in the field
"UNIT code").


This datalayer is maintained by the Department of Conservation and Recreation for more information, contact Patrice Kish, Director of the Office of Historic Resources (617) 626-1378.

Last Updated 6/26/2012

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