October 2000

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Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (MCZM), within the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA), has compiled a salt marsh restoration GIS coverage for the Parker River/Essex Bay Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) project.  The purpose of the project was to develop a regional picture of past, current, and potential restoration sites along with supporting information to help future restoration planning. The focus area for this project includes the salt marsh between Salisbury and Gloucester. In ArcSDE the layer is named SALTMARSHRSTR_PT.


This datalayer was compiled by meeting with staff from the Massachusetts Audubon Society and Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management.  Restoration sites and Open Marsh Water Management (OMWM) were identified by having staff from these two organizations identify point locations of restoration sites using USGS base maps.  The database was created in ArcView and then joined with the associated points.


This data layer has a point attribute table with the following items:

 ID 4-letter watershed abbreviation and consecutive number
 PROJ_NAME (Project name) Common or organizational name given to restoration sites
 TOWN Municipality of restoration site
 WATERBODY Closest USGS feature that restoration site drains into
 SITE_OWNER Choice of: public; private; nonprofit
 STATUS Choice of: complete; potential; active; inactive; monitored; permitted only
 MONITORING Name of organization in charge of restoration pre- or post-monitoring
 FUND_STATUS (Funding status) Choice of: funded; unfunded; partially funded for restoration work
 COST_EST (Cost estimate) Choice of: unknown; <10K; 10-100K; >100K
 PARTNERS Other project participants besides the main contact
 CONTACT Primary organizer of restoration project
 ACRE_RANGE Range of acreage. Choice of: ranges being <1; 1-5; 5-10; 10-25; 25-50; 50-100; >100
 PROJ_DESC (Project description) Description of restoration project
 PROJ_TYPE (Project type) Choice of: restoration or mosquito control OMWM



All project work has been archived at MCZM offices. For further information, please contact the CZM Data Manager at (617) 626-1222, MCZM, Boston, MA, 02114-2119.

Last Updated 5/31/2007