• MassGIS Projects - Analysis Showcase

    composite image to evoke analysis Portfolio Graphic
    GIS is a powerful tool for analysis. Over its long history, MassGIS has completed a variety of analysis projects for various agencies. These projects have often supported significant legislative or policy initiatives. This page highlights some of those projects. 
  • MassGIS Data - Google Ortho Imagery

    Google Imagery - Statewide View

    December 15, 2016 - Cape Cod and Providence areas updated to 2016. This statewide web service delivers Google's most current (2014-2016) 6-inch pixel resolution, natural color aerial imagery. The Massachusetts State 911 Department funds the project for use of the imagery in the Next Generation 911 System being deployed in 2016. Provided as WMTS and WMS, the imagery may be used in any software that can consume these services, and in connected and disconnected devices in the field or web applications.

  • MassGIS GISette Newsletter

    MassGIS GISette newsletter logo

    The "GISette" is MassGIS' bi-monthly Newsletter.  It features news, data updates, event information, and more.

  • MassGIS - GIS Educational Resources

    GIS Education

    A directory listing of of GIS educational opportunities in and near Massachusetts.

  • HERE Streets Data from MassGIS for State Government Users

    An enterprise license for the commercial HERE (the company that now includes data products that were formerly branded as "Navteq") streets data for Massachusetts allows these files to be used by any Massachusetts government agency or political subdivision, including commissions, boards, regional agencies, authorities, and cities and towns. These data may be used for geocoding - the process of locating addresses on a map.

  • MassGIS Data Viewer

    MassGIS Data Viewer Toolbar The MassGIS Data Viewer is a free toolbar for ArcMap 9.x and 10.x map documents (.mxd) that may be used with data distributed on CD, DVD or hard drive by MassGIS. The toolbar includes buttons that easily allow you to:
    - Add data to your map, with full symbolization and labels, by choosing from a menu of data categories
    - Zoom to a specific geographic area
    - Search for a particular dataset
  • Massachusetts' Master Service Agreement with ESRI

    ESRI and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts signed a Master Service Agreement ("state blanket contract") under which all political subdivisions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can purchase products and services from ESRI.

  • Massachusetts' Master Service Agreements for GIS Services

    ITS53 provides a roster of pre-qualified companies that can provide IT solutions in several categories including GIS.  There are three GIS subcategories: General GIS Services, Planimetric Mapping Services, and Web Mapping Services. 

  • MassGIS Property Tax Information

    Information for mortgage holder who is researching current property tax, address or other information.

  • MassGIS Presentations

    MassGIS Presentations

    A collection of speaker notes from GIS-related talks presented by MassGIS.

  • GIS Glossary  pdf format of GIS Glossary

    A Glossary of selected terms relevant to Geographic Information Systems. In .pdf format, viewable in Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Click to view in browser or Right-Click to download the file and save locally. This glossary is a sub-set of one developed by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA).
  • Historic USGS Maps of New England

    Historic USGS Images

    An online collection of free downloadable USGS topographic map images which includes complete geographical coverage of New England from the 1890s to 1950s. Developed by the UNH Dimond Library Documents Department & Data Center.