• Desktop Data Viewer Toolbar

    MassGIS Data Viewer Toolbar  The MassGIS Data Viewer is a free toolbar for ArcMap 9.x and 10.0 map documents (.mxd) that may be used with data distributed on CD, DVD or hard drive by MassGIS. The toolbar includes buttons that easily allow you to:
    - Add data to your map, with full symbolization and labels, by choosing from a menu of data categories
    - Zoom to a specific geographic area
    - Search for a particular dataset
  • MassGIS - GIS Educational Resources

    GIS Education

    A directory listing of of GIS educational opportunities in and near Massachusetts.

  • MassGIS Presentations

    MassGIS Presentations

    A collection of speaker notes from GIS-related talks presented by MassGIS.

  • GIS Glossary  pdf format of GIS Glossary

    A Glossary of selected terms relevant to Geographic Information Systems. In .pdf format, viewable in Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Click to view in browser or Right-Click to download the file and save locally. This glossary is a sub-set of one developed by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA).
  • Historic USGS Maps of New England

    Historic USGS Images

    An online collection of free downloadable USGS topographic map images which includes complete geographical coverage of New England from the 1890s to 1950s. Developed by the UNH Dimond Library Documents Department & Data Center.

  • Uses of GIS

    MassGIS is often asked to provide examples of uses of GIS. We do not undertake many projects ourselves; rather myriad disciplines use our data for their own projects.

    We recently came across an excellent repository at Tufts University, which illustrates the broad range of uses of GIS. 

    Check it out here.