Project to Further Enhance Standardized Parcel Mapping

 MassGIS has funding in FY2014 and FY2015 for a new project to enhance standardized mapping. The focus of these enhancements is assessor map content missing from the standardized mapping and other obstacles to maintaining standardized assessor mapping. To be eligible for this project, communities must request that MassGIS provide specific enhancements. Requests for these enhancements MUST be sent to MassGIS by or before February 7, 2014. Details on the eligible enhancements and on requirements for your request to MassGIS are available by clicking on the above project link.

Maintaining Standardized Assessor Parcel Mapping

These web pages provide information for municipal assessors and others explaining the value of maintaining standardized parcel mapping.  There is also a short explanation of the importance of adding the unique parcel identifier (the "LOC_ID") to your CAMA database.  In addition, information to assist those maintaining standardized mapping is also provided.  If after consulting these resources you still have questions on either of these topics, please contact Paul Nutting at MassGIS

MassGIS Standard for Digital Parcels and Related Data Sets

This standard for spatial accuracy and detail of assessor parcel mapping and related attribute information is for developing digital versions of assessor’s property maps for use in planning, property assessment, and map display. Version 2.1, Released May 2012

MassGIS - Municipalities' GIS Web Sites

Many communities now offer GIS map information on-line, including assessing data and maps.  This link takes you to a list of links to city and town web sites that offer on-line map information.