MassGIS’ multi-year assessor tax map standardization project was a significant financial investment by the Commonwealth; many communities welcomed the project because it improved the quality of their tax mapping and related linking to assessor records. In forty-five communities it was the first time their maps were available in digital form. Some communities started maintaining the standardized mapping.

However, communities were often unable to maintain the standardized parcel mapping. Sometimes, community-specific map content was not covered by the MassGIS parcel standardization project. In other cases, existing computer-based map production capabilities (in-house or at a map service provider) would not work with the standardized mapping. In communities with GIS programs, the standardized parcel mapping was sometimes not compatible with other mapping. Some communities found the funding to build on the Commonwealth’s investment and overcome these obstacles; however, this alternative was beyond the financial resources of most communities. In 2015, MassGIS completed phase one of a project to enhance standardized mapping in communities; in return, participating communities are now maintaining their standardized mapping.

Phase Two Standardized Mapping Enhancements

MassGIS has funding for the current fiscal year to enhance standardized mapping in more communities; additional funding is anticipated for the next fiscal year. If your community is willing to commit that future parcel map maintenance will comply with Level 3 of the MassGIS Digital Parcel Standard provided one or more enhancements from this list are completed, then MassGIS will be glad to consider your community for this project. MassGIS will procure the necessary services from consultants. Note that one factor in MassGIS selection of a mapping vendor for your community is their experience with parcel mapping in the community. Please be sure to consult with the individual or organization that maintains your mapping for their assistance in determining which enhancements are needed in your community.

Please notify MassGIS of your interest by reading about the enhancements and then filling in and submitting the form below by Friday December 11, 2015.