Standardizing Mapping Enhancement Initiative

Phase 2, FY 2016 – 2017

Application Deadline: July 29, 2016 at 5 pm.


Application Process

  1. Review eligible enhancements
  2. Fill in form requesting participation (follow link at bottom of this page)
  3. MassGIS anticipates informing communities in October 2016 if the work will proceed

Eligible Enhancements

Listed below are the enhancements and capabilities that MassGIS will consider funding. Note that if a community has not been maintaining the standardized mapping OR if a community is not making provisions to catch-up on that maintenance with its own resources, then they must select #2 below, along with any of the other relevant enhancements.

#1 Adding map features and text labels from existing assessor maps

#2 Updating the standardized assessor parcel mapping

#3 Modify/replace an existing OR create an automated capability for producing printed maps

#4 Shifting existing dimension text labels ("annotation") to align with parcel boundaries in the standardized mapping

#5 Shifting "derived" GIS data layers so that they align with parcel boundaries in the standardized mapping

#6 Creating an ArcGIS line feature class for parcel polygons

#7 Adding back attributes of parcels

#8 Training existing municipal GIS staffer in using ArcGIS tools for maintaining assessor maps

#9 Creating updated file for bulk-loading unique IDs from standardized mapping to CAMA

Not all possible enhancements are relevant across communities. MassGIS is here to help your community select the best match for standardized parcel mapping enhancements. If you are unsure which to select, please email or call Craig Austin at MassGIS (, 617-626-4592).

More information on individual enhancements and to apply


Last Updated 7/7/2016