Enhancing Standardized Assessor Mapping:
MassGIS Seeks Communities Needing Additional Assistance

- January 2014 -


Earlier this year, contractors working for MassGIS completed the standardization and upgrade of digital assessor mapping for every community except Boston.  This multi-year project was a significant financial investment by the Commonwealth to create a valuable resource that communities had previously lacked.  However, in some communities, there remains additional assessor map content that, because it was not covered by the MassGIS parcel standard, was not included in the standardized upgrade.  Many communities with requirements for the additional content found the funding to build on the Commonwealth’s investment and bring that additional content into the standardized product.  However, some other communities lacked the financial resources to do this and because of operational needs or individual preferences, missing content is preventing them from adopting and maintaining the mapping standard.


MassGIS is starting a project to enhance standardized assessor mapping where content essential to a community’s existing operational needs is missing.  MassGIS has project funding for the current and for the next fiscal year. If your community is willing to commit that future parcel map maintenance will comply with Level 3 of the MassGIS Digital Parcel Standard provided one or more enhancements from this list are completed, then MassGIS will be glad to consider your community for this project.  As with the project that produced the standardized parcel mapping, MassGIS will procure these services from consultants.  Please notify MassGIS of your interest as described below.

Notifying MassGIS of Your Community’s Interest

For a community to be included in this project, send an email to Paul Nutting at MassGIS (paul.nutting@state.ma.us).  The email must be received by or before February 7, 2014, must have “parcel enhancements” in the subject line, and must be from the person who authorizes and controls how parcel map maintenance occurs.  The email must include the following information:

  1. Community name
  2. Requestor’s Name, job title, and contact information (phone, email)
  3. The name of the company or individual who currently maintains your assessor parcel maps; if that individual is employed by the same community making this request, please identify the municipal department and include that person’s email and phone number in the email.
  4. What you want funded by MassGIS (list one or more numbers from the list of eligible enhancementsIF enhancement #1 is selected, the specific map features or labels desired MUST be itemized.
  5. This statement: “If the requested enhancements are funded by MassGIS, I will require that <insert community name>’s assessor maps will be maintained in compliance with Level 3 of the MassGIS Digital Parcel Standard, Version 2.1.  In addition, if my CAMA software provider is not CSC or PK-Systems, and if this step has not already been taken by my community, I will request that my CAMA software provider bulk-load the locational ID (“LOC_ID”) from the standardized mapping to my CAMA database using the file provided by MassGIS for this purpose”.

Last Updated 1/15/2014