Between January of 2011 and June 2013, MassGIS completed standardization of assessor parcel for all communities across the Commonwealth (except Boston for reasons of cost and because of the quality of their existing mapping). (See the Level 3 Assessor Parcels data). This achievement was only possible due to support from municipal staff, particularly assessing staff, and with assistance from mapping consultants, regional planning agencies, and the principal providers of computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) software.

Many communities are now maintaining the standardized mapping or their mapping services provider is doing so on their behalf (see map below).  Many assessors have worked with their CAMA software provider to incorporate the unique identifier (the “LOC_ID”) from the standardized parcels directly into their CAMA databases; in some cases this step was take on their behalf by their CAMA software provider (see map below).

This web page provides documents for municipal assessors and others explaining the value of maintaining standardized parcel mapping.  There is also a short document below explaining the importance of adding the LOC_ID to your CAMA database.  In addition, documents to assist those maintaining standardized mapping are also provided below.  If after consulting the resources below you still have questions on either of these topics, please contact Craig Austin at MassGIS.

Information for Assessors

Why Maintain Standardized Mapping?

Status of Municipalities Maintaining Standardized Parcel Mapping

Why add the LOC_ID to your CAMA database?

Instructions for updating LOC_ID in CAMA Database pdf format of LOC_ID_update_instructions_Ver_Feb2015
docx format of                             LOC_ID_update_instructions_Ver_Feb2015DOC

Status of municipalities that are adding LOC_IDs to their CAMA database

Information for Map Maintenance Service Providers

Guide to Maintaining Standardized Parcel Mapping  pdf format of Guide to Maintaining Standardized Parcel Mapping

Since MassGIS embarked on the standardized parcel mapping project, the GIS consulting firms working in Massachusetts, Regional Planning Agencies and the principal providers to Massachusetts communities of computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) software have supported and promoted the project. This guide explains the processes.


Last updated 8/15/2017