MassGIS Address Standard

This standard provides guidance for communities in Massachusetts on address assignment and address data management. It describes best practices for address assignment workflows and how to create address listings that are comprehensive, accurate, and useful. 

Created with input from a variety of public and private stakeholders, the intended audience is all municipalities, large and small, and the vendors that provide them with services and software, as well as the larger community of address users.

Version 1.0, Issued December 2016

MassGIS Standard for Digital Parcels and Related Data Sets

This standard for spatial accuracy and detail of assessor parcel mapping and related attribute information is for developing digital versions of assessor’s property maps for use in planning, property assessment, and map display. Version 2.1, Released May 2012

Standard for Digital Plan Submission to Municipalities

This standard applies to CADD files submitted as part of development review; if implemented by a municipality, the standard makes it easier to use these CADD files for updating municipal GIS databases.

MassGIS Standard for Water, Waste Water, and Storm Water Infrastructure

Municipal records about pipe infrastructures are increasingly being incorporated into GIS databases. The goals of this standard include providing a flexible, yet consistent, specification for compiling the locations and attributes for pipe data into a GIS. Version 1.0, Released October 2005


Massachusetts' Master Service Agreement with ESRI

ESRI and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts signed a Master Service Agreement ("state blanket contract") under which all political subdivisions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can purchase products and services from ESRI.

Regional Planning Agency GIS Services

The regional planning agencies in Massachusetts each have one or more GIS staff.  Depending on the type and  size of the project, RPA GIS staff may be able to provide GIS services to municipalities. Acquiring services in this manner is consistent with state law covering municipal procurements [see MGL Chapter 30B, Section 1(b)(3)]. Contact your RPA to discuss your options.

Massachusetts' Master Service Agreements for GIS Services

ITS53 provides a roster of pre-qualified companies that can provide IT solutions in several categories including GIS.  There are three GIS subcategories: General GIS Services, Planimetric Mapping Services, and Web Mapping Services. 


Sample Disclaimers

A selection of disclaimers being used on printed maps and for on-line mapping sites.