MassGIS and State 911 sponsored a series of workshops in early 2013 about addressing and GIS as part of preparing for Next Generation E-911 (“NextGen 911”).  At the workshops, MassGIS staff shared information and solicited input on a program of developing and reviewing master address files and mapping address locations for use by local and state government.

The workshops covered the following topics (links to presentation content are below):


    • Need for accurate, comprehensive GIS mapping of address locations to support public safety and 911 systems
    • Mapping of parcels and structures
    • Benefits of accurate address mapping for local government

Address lists

    • Local maintenance of address lists
    • Building a master address database – standards and best practices

Local/regional projects

    • Discussion of local/regional initiatives to build address point datasets

Statewide project

    • How we are integrating address listings from different sources
    • How we are managing address locations
    • Challenging situations from the public safety perspective

State/local cooperation

    • Data exchange, review and update of draft address locations
    • Data maintenance and web access

Concerns, questions and next steps

    • Your feedback is important!
MassGIS Addressing Workshop PDF (slides with notes)  pdf format of MassGIS Addressing Workshop PDF (slides with notes)
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MassGIS Addressing Workshop PDF (slides only)  pdf format of MassGIS Addressing Workshop PDF (slides only)
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Workshops were held in the following locations:



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