• MassGIS Standard for Digital Parcels and Related Data Sets

    This standard for spatial accuracy and detail of assessor parcel mapping and related attribute information is for developing digital versions of assessor’s property maps for use in planning, property assessment, and map display. Version 2.1, Released May 2012

  • MassGIS Standard for Digital Plan Submission to Municipalities

    This standard enables municipalities to avoid the costs and time consuming process of developing their own digital submission standard. The standard’s key provision is requiring submittal of a Standard Digital File (SDF). The SDF contains features extracted from the source computer aided design and drafting (CADD) file used to produce the plan for a proposed development. The standard will facilitate the use of such digital submissions in a GIS. Version 2.0, Released October 2007

  • MassGIS Standard for Water, Waste Water, and Storm Water Infrastructure

    Municipal records about pipe infrastructures are increasingly being incorporated into GIS databases. The goals of this standard include providing a flexible, yet consistent, specification for compiling the locations and attributes for pipe data into a GIS. Version 1.0, Released October 2005