• DCR Pools Updated - 5/31/2013

    The latest update from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). The layer was developed by the DCR GIS Program and is based on DCR pool listings as of May 20, 2013.

  • Legislative District Layers Updated - 5/29/2013

    Polygon attributes for the following datasets have been updated to reflect recent special elections and vacancies:

  • Level 3 Parcels Updated - 5/24/2013

    Level 3 assessor parcel data for 326 cities and towns (Beverly, Holliston, Leominster, Somerset and Sudbury) are now available for download (five were added on 5/24/2013). Standardized, high quality assessor parcel maps are an important component of the Massachusetts Spatial Data Infrastructure. The Level 3 datasets comprise the best digital representations of municipal assessor parcels, both in terms of spatial accuracy and database completeness and currency. As data for more communities pass MassGIS' quality assurance process they will be posted for free download.

  • New LiDAR Terrain Data Available - 5/16/2013

    Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) terrain files - DEMs and LAS and other point data - are now available for the Merrimack and Hudson-Hoosic and Deerfield watershed areas. Data for these two areas were captured in 2012. Most of eastern Massachusetts as well as portions of Hampden County are already available.

  • Farmers' Markets Updated - 4/10/2013

    The Farmers' Markets layer is derived from the Farmers’ Markets database maintained by the Mass. Department of Agricultural Resources. As well as basic information about the markets, this data layer includes information about participation in food assistance programs.

  • MassDEP Underground Storage Tanks - 3/12/2013

    MassDEP has made available a new data layer of Underground Storage Tank locations. This dataset had been removed from distribution while the updates were in progress. Data are current as of February 14, 2013.

  • MassDEP BWP Major Facilities - 3/12/2013

    MassDEP has updated its BWP Major Facilities data layer. Data are current as of February 14, 2013.

  • MassDEP Chapter 21E Sites - 3/12/2013

    MassDEP has updated the Tier Classified Oil and/or Hazardous Material Sites (MGL c. 21E) Datalayer. Updates available for download are current as of January 30, 2013.

  • MassDEP AUL Sites - 3/12/2013

    MassDEP has updated the Oil and/or Hazardous Material Sites with Activity and Use Limitations (AUL) Datalayer. Updates available for download are current as of January 30, 2013.

  • OpenSpace Updated - 2/4/2013

    Open space editors continued to make additions and improvements to recreational and protected open space. All FY 2012 acquisitions completed by the Department of Agricultural Resources and the Division of Fish and Game have been digitized and are now featured within the dataset. Acquisitions completed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation shall soon be available as well. Additional open spaces that were acquired through grant programs administered by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs are also complete for FY 2012. Protected open spaces can include purchases in-fee, conservation restrictions, agricultural preservation restrictions, and park renovations.

    New shapefile and personal geodatabase data have been placed on our ftp site, representing data updated as of 2/1/2013.

  • Prime Forest Land Updated - 1/15/2013

    The Prime Forest Land dataset is now complete statewide, with the addition of Franklin and Plymouth Counties.

  • Environmental Justice 2010 Populations - 12/17/2012

    Polygons in the 2010 Environmental Justice (EJ) Populations layer represent areas across the state with high minority, non-English speaking, and/or low-income populations. Data in this layer were compiled for Census 2010 block groups from the 2010 census redistricting tables and from the American Community Survey (ACS) 2006-2010 5 year estimates tables. Environmental Justice neighborhoods are the focus of the state's Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs' (EEA) EJ Policy, which establishes EJ as an integral consideration in all EEA programs.

  • Community Preservation Act (CPA) Points Updated - 12/17/2012

    The Community Preservation Act (CPA) points layer represents CPA projects that have associated geographically-located points. This latest update brings the total to 4,454 point features.

  • Office of Fishing and Boating Access Sites Updated - 12/10/2012

    Five points were added to the OFBA dataset.

  • Building Structures (2-D, from 2011-2012 Ortho Imagery) - 12/5/2012

    This dataset consists of 2-dimensional roof outlines ("roofprints") for all buildings larger than 150 square feet, as interpreted for the whole area of the Commonwealth using color ortho images obtained in 2011 and 2012, supplemented with LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) data collected from 2002 to 2011 for the eastern half of the state.

  • NRCS SSURGO-Certified Soils Updated - 11/16/2012

    Data for the Franklin County survey area are now available. With this update, SSURGO-Certified soils data are complete for the entire commonwealth.

  • Town Boundaries Layers from Survey Coordinates Updated - 11/13/2012

    Edits were made to add coastal polygons to offshore areas of Boston and Medford (the Charles River between Boston and Cambridge, and the Mystic Lakes and Mystic River, respectively). The three affected feature classes (lines, polygons, multi-part polygons) were updated.

  • Fire Stations Updated - 10/15/2012

    A new shapefile was posted, with Brockton station #3 moved to its correct location with a modified address.

  • Schools (PK-12) - 10/5/12

    This update is based on listings MassGIS obtained from the DOE as of February 17, 2012, plus a change received from the field. Additionally, the names of some of the schools were refined to eliminate abbreviations like "Elem" (replaced with "Elementary") and add the word "School" to the end of the NAME field, where appropriate.

  • Non-Potential Drinking Water Source Areas Updated - 10/1/2012

    MassDEP added one polygon to the Non-Potential Drinking Water Source Areas layer.

  • Surficial Geology 24k Data Updated - 9/26/2012

    Data for "Area F" are now available for the four datasets that make up the Surficial Geology (1:24,000) layer. Area F covers part of southeastern Massachusetts, from Taunton to Plymouth to the north, down to Buzzards Bay and the Mass.-Rhode Island border -- 23 quads in all.

  • MassDOT Roads - 9/10/2012

    The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Roads available from MassGIS are up-to-date as of April 3, 2012. In addition to many improvements and additions to the layer made by MassDOT, MassGIS has added the RDTYPE ("road type") field, which expands on the CLASS field to include codes for highway ramps and tunnels, improving symbology. New shapefiles, a file geodatabase, and ArcMap layer files are available for download.

  • Updates to MassDEP Data Layers

    October 7, 2013 - The MassDEP GIS Group has updated the following layers, now available from MassGIS: Public Water Supplies, Zone IIs, IWPA, Surface Water Supply Protection Areas (Zone A, B, C), Surface Water Supply WatershedsChapter 21e Sites and AUL Sites .

  • Standard for Digital Parcels and Related Data Sets (Version 2.1) - 5/3/2012

    New version 2.1, which updates and replaces version 2.0 of the parcel standard.

  • 2010 U.S. Census Data Summary File 1 (SF1) Data Released - 4/17/2012

    MassGIS is releasing SF1 data tables that may be joined to 2010 U.S. Census Blocks, Block Groups and Tracts. The SF1 tables contain detailed age, income, race, housing and other demographic data. A subset of seven tables from the much larger full SF1 database has been processed by MassGIS to include more user-friendly table and attribute column names. MassGIS is also releasing the full SF1 database as published by the U.S. Census Bureau. The SF1 data expand on the 2010 Redistricting Data (Public Law 94-171) Summary File, which was created for the purposes of redistricting and contains limited population and housing data. To accommodate the SF1 data and future 2006-2010 American Community Survey (ACS) data, along with the PL94-171 data, the three geographic layers (Blocks, Block Groups and Tracts) have been re-released with "Logical Record Number" fields for each set of related data. The Census 2010 TIGER Roads layer, which may be used in geocoding applications, is unchanged.

  • OLIVER - The MassGIS Online Data Viewer - Version 2.0 Released - 1/10/2012

    Developed by MassGIS, CZM and SeaPlan (formerly Massachusetts Ocean Partnership), this version of OLIVER includes many enhancements and bug fixes, including:

    • More basemaps, including Bing, OpenStreetMap, CloudMade and TopOSM
    • Better printing
    • Now 3 ways to extract data (by bounding box, by drawn shape or by selected feature shape)
    • Ability to change the color of points, lines and polygons)
    • Permalink URLs
    • Ability to add selected external (from non-MassGIS servers) WMS layers
    • Streamlined data extract process
    • Editing (for certain applications)
    • Dropdowns to zoom to extents