• Overview

    An overview of the COMiT Service Desk.
  • Using COMiT For the First Time

    Easy to follow steps to help you navigate COMiT.
  • Obtain a COMiT User ID & Password

    In order to use COMiT you will need to obtain a login (User ID and password) to submit service requests. The Administrator for your agency will be able to assign you the correct credentials.

    Requesting Services
    COMiT Service Desk requires a login and password in order to submit a service request and monitor its status by accessing COMiT Service Catalog.

    Requesting a Password
    Please see the Security Administrator for your agency to request a password to COMiT. Only CIOs or designated security administrators may authorize users to request services on behalf of an agency.
  • Instructions for Security Administrators

  • What's Changed

    Some helpful terminology comparisons to assist you in processing your request.
  • COMiT Wiki

    Visit the COMiT Wiki pages for additional resources. These pages are login restricted. If you are a state employee, you may create an account using the Signup link on the Commonwiki login screen.