Granting an employee security access to COMiT gives the person the ability to submit service requests. Even though requesting a service may ultimately incur cost to your agency, agencies will never incur new additional costs due to a COMiT Service Request without following chargeback procedures, including obtaining appropriate approvals.


Step Actions

1 Go into COMiT and click 'New Service Request'
2 Confirm the populated fields (Reported By, etc) are correct. Modify information if necessary.
3 Populate the Summary and Details fields with appropriate information.
4 Select the correct Classification (60202010:Request Access to Service Desk/Catalog)
5 Answer required fields in the Request Access portlet.
6 Click the Submit button to finalize your Service Request.

screen shot of COMiT workflow


The ability to perform tasks in COMiT is dependent on the user's security status. Various options are available:

Security StatusActions Available
End Userscan enter a service request and track its status.
Senior End Userscan enter a service request and track its status. They can also track the status of all service requests for their group.



Reviewed September 16, 2013

Created December 6, 2010; Information provided by the Integration Group