What is COMiT?

COMiT is a web tool for both customers and MassIT to use to improve the service management process. COMiT will be the one place to interact with MassIT throughout the service management lifecycle: starting with a service request, throughout planning and implementation even through to chargeback. Customers will use this self-service system to submit service requests and then monitor the status of those requests from their desktop. A dashboard interface will also enable customers to see all their requests at any time.

Benefits of COMiT for MassIT's customers

  • Enhanced ability for self-service/one place to go to submit service requests
  • Simplified processes: system determines necessary workflows and generates notifications
  • Increased visibility: ability to monitor the status of all service requests
  • More consistent and predictable service delivery
  • Agency authorization of users gives greater control over service requests submitted by your agency*

With COMiT's implementation the hope is that there will be increased customer satisfaction.

COMiT helps improve MassIT's service delivery

COMiT promises to help MassIT achieve excellence in customer service.

  • COMiT enables MassIT to streamline our internal workflows into repeatable and sustainable processes that contribute to consistent service delivery.
  • COMiT assists MassIT to process service requests more efficiently resulting in improved service delivered to our customers.
    COMiT supports improved communications between MassIT and customers (helping MassIT to better meet customer expectations).

*Please note that only CIOs or designated security administrators may authorize users to request services on behalf of an agency.

Additional resources, such as user guides are available on the CommonWiki (login required for access).

Reviewed September 16, 2013
Created December 6, 2010; Information provided by the Integration Services Group