In an effort to improve delivery of technology projects, the Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIT) initiated a standard service delivery process called SDIP (Service Delivery Improvement Process). This standard methodology will enable MassIT to successfully deliver high quality projects by clearly applying sensible and consistent processes and workflows based on best practices. There are five stage gates in the SDIP methodology.

The process begins by customers completing the “Request Project” SR in COMiT and supports a customer's request to initiate a project for fully managed hosting services at MassIT.  This service is coordinated through your  Service Account Manager.


Service Description

The Service Account Managers (SAMs) are the primary business contacts for MassIT's customers and provide support to customers interested in learning about and using MassIT's services. Request Project refers to a customer's request to initiate a project.

MassIT Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • A definite beginning and end
  • Creates clearly defined deliverables (products, services, or results)
  • Duration of at least 20 days.

Your SAM will work with you to determine if this is the intention you need for your request.

Once your “Request Project” SR is submitted, your SAM will contact you to begin the Initiate or “Idea” Phase of SDIP.  This includes identifying your project’s sponsor, team and business requirements by completing the SDIP Business Requirements Document . The BRD is intended to capture as much information as possible about your project’s business requirements and will be used to define (at a high level) you project scope, timeframe and deliverables. Once the BRD is completed by the customer’s project team and submitted to the SAM, your request moves into the "Plan" Phase,  which includes understanding your project’s technical requirements.  In this phase customers will work with MassIT’s IPG and Security Assessment Teams as well as your Service Account manager.  After a review of both your business and technical requirements, MassIT will complete the Technical Discovery (pre-design) document and your SAM will prepare a Cost Estimate.  If you confirm the findings of the technical discovery and agree that the costs are in line with your budget, the SAM will help you assign a priority rating, using the priority scorecard, to rate your project using established criteria.

Your completed BRD, Technical Discovery, Cost Estimate, and Project Scorecard will be reviewed by our Project Governance Board at the weekly PGB meeting.  Upon review and approval of all submitted documents, the PGB will determine available resources and your project will move from the “idea” stage to “scheduled” or “unscheduled”.  A “scheduled” project is assigned a project manager, while an “unscheduled” project moves onto the MassIT Project Queue.  If your project is “scheduled” you will begin working with the assigned Project Manager to develop a project charter and project plan.  If your project is unscheduled, your SAM will keep you updated as to when PM resources are assigned and available.

Once the project team has completed a full design, your SAM will work with you to complete and approve the Business Application Request (BAR) Form prior to any procurement or system development. The BAR ensures that you and your agency's CIO and CFO approve of the proposed MassIT one-time and ongoing Chargeback support costs for your project.  If you would like further detail on the SDIP process please visit this site. 


Prerequisites or Dependencies

SAMs will work with customers to gather business and technical requirements related to the request and will assist in completing any initial forms required by MassIT. 


COMiT Service Request

When completing your COMiT Service Request, please choose, "Project Services; Request Project Services"


Updated August 30, 2013
Reviewed September 13, 2013
Created March 26, 2009: Information provided by MassIT Service Account Management Team with consultation from the Program Management Office