• Constituents demand better, faster, easy-to-use public services that meet their needs. As government, we need to be able to meet our constituents where they are, on their own terms, including digitally.

    GovNext is an intrapreneurial initiative that works with state agencies, municipalities, and constituents to deliver high-quality, modern technology to the public, driven by a shared mission with our partners. GovNext projects are low-cost and high-impact for the Commonwealth.  

     The GovNext Initiative will:

    •         Break through the government-constituent barrier so we can engage proactively

    •         Empower state and local government to respond to constituent needs in ways that resonate with them

    •         Continue to foster our nascent culture of government innovation to drive digital transformation of public service

     GovNext projects follow one of three tracks: Open, Experimental, or Operational.

Open Track Projects

Open Track projects represent GovNext interactions with partners outside of government. Such projects may take the form of an open competition, a pilot program, or our engagement in a public event. If you have a civic tech innovation, please respond to our Open RFI

Experimental Track Projects (also known as 6-in-6)

Experimental Track projects (also known as 6-in-6) are short-term engagements intended to test the effectiveness of an idea or technology in our environment. These projects last six months or less and are relatively low-cost. Experimental Track projects have the potential to quickly deliver disproportionate business value, with benefits that far outweigh costs, so we embark on them with a higher tolerance for risk than traditional government projects.

Operational Track Projects

Operational Track Projects are engagements that address a pressing business need of an agency or municipal partner. These projects are expected to last from six months to one year, require in-house development work, transform the digital delivery of a critical service in the Commonwealth, and deliver a significant public benefit.