• Assistive Technology

    Assistive Technology auditing, consulting, testing and training services are available to all agencies of the Commonwealth. Any state agency can schedule use of these resources and the necessary guidance and training by contacting the ATS group.
  • Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW)

    The Commonwealth Information Warehouse brings together a subset of the financial, budgetary, human resource, payroll and time reporting information from the Commonwealth's enterprise applications systems; MMARS and HRCMS.
  • Human Resources Compensation Management System (HRCMS)

    HRCMS is used by 149 departments, 2000+ end users to process personnel and payroll transactions based on the policies governing the 90,000+ employees.
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    Enterprise services critical to the efficient functioning of state government.

    Karthik Viswanathan, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Office of Municipal Services and School Technology