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1. Description of Service

The Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW) brings together a subset of the financial, budgetary, human resource, payroll and time reporting information maintained in dedicated and separate systems by individual agencies.  CIW provides access to integrated, common data that supports timely, well informed business decisions to authorized users through a centralized and integrated repository.

This service includes:

  • Design, development and implementation of new and/or modified CIW objects (e.g., fields, tables, views, etc.).
  • Assessment of requested data for integration into the CIW.
  • Data mapping.
  • Development and/or enhancement of enterprise-wide data quality principles and standards.
  • Management and administration of the data warehouse.
  • End-user outreach activities.
  • Supported infrastructure that allows participants to effectively collect, process, share and distribute related information.
  • A secure CIW intranet ( providing a central CIW communication platform that informs users of the current warehouse status, announcements on new and modified views, starter queries, and more.

Support services include:

2. Service Targets and Metrics


Service Requirement


Service Availability

Service is available Monday through Friday 9:00 AM  to 11:00 PM.

Please note: HRCMS , MMARS, and LCM data available at 9:00 AM is from previous 1 day cycle. 

Planned MaintenanceAd-hoc maintenance requiring service interruption will be scheduled for Sunday through change control and customers will be notified in advance as part of the change control process.
Incident Management*

MassIT Service Management Office has standard processes to managing incidents, requests and changes.

Outages or urgent issues should be reported by phone to receive the quickest response 1-866-888-2808.

Request FulfillmentStaff will respond to service requests during the hours of 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.






Query PerformanceSystematic query performance is measured periodically throughout the day and in the evening. Sample query times are measured and alerts are generated if the response time exceeds the threshold.Query samples are taken three times per hour. Depending on persistence and conditions, CIW administrative intervention may occur to improve performance.




Data AvailabilityAutomated routines are in place to ensure that the system is available during posted time periods.

Measure response status (and performance) periodically throughout the day and the evening to ensure the availability of the system. Automated alerts are sent to administrators for any availability issue.

*Incidents, requests, or changes that are outside the scope of the defined service description or normal service hours will be direct charged to the customer.

3. Service Reporting

The following reporting information is provided to customers as part of this service:



Reporting Interval

Monthly Update

Monthly report will be made available to the CIW Governance Board summarizing the project status, post-production support and customer outreach activities.


4. Service Requests

COMiT Service Requests *DescriptionLead Time-Business Days
CIW Connectivity Support

This is a request for assistance connecting to CIW.


2 Days (may be longer depending upon installation requirements* )

CIW Data QueryThis is a request for query assistance within CIW.

7 Days

CIW General SupportThis is a request for general support for CIW.

2 Days

CIW Modification to production for
This is a request to add new data to the HRCMS and MMARS components of CIW.

Up to 14 Days depending on complexity of request*.

CIW Modification Other System DataThis is a request for support of other system data (including UMass, Classic MMARS, PMIS, CAPS, etc.) within CIW.

Up to 14 Days depending on complexity of request**.

*For new service requests only. To manage existing requests, please log into COMiT.
** MassIT support teams will work with customers to determine the necessary lead time.

5. Customer Responsibilities

Users must have a UAID password to access the Information Warehouse and must protect that password.  It is the responsibility of the Departmental Security Officer to confirm the business need for the user's request by checking with the user's supervisor and to notify the Information Security Unit whenever a change in the user's status affects the need for access.

For your convenience, you may also view a detailed list of customer responsibilities docx format of ciw_services_definition.doc


6. Chargeback Rate Information

For more information on Chargeback, including an overview of the program as well as current and previous fiscal year rates, please visit our Chargeback Services webpage.


Cost framework: Commonwealth Information Warehouse

1.Direct Charges to Customers

1A. Customer Specific - Costs Directly Charged to Customers
Total 1A. Customer Specific - Costs Directly Charged to Customers$0
Total 1. Direct Charges to Customers$0

2. Direct Dedicated Resources

2A. Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)
Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)18.50$1,555,887
Total 2A. Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)18.50$1,555,887

2B. Hardware / Software / Contracts (UU, LL , etc)
- Dell Software-ColdFusion Enterprise 9 (2 CPU) to support Security Office's In-Tempo app-$1,396
- SHI-Informatic Power Center Upgrade 9.0-$73,469
- Presidio Networked Solutions-Cisco Switches & Components to incr Netezza Bandwidth-$1,876
- IBM-IBM ESSO Maint-$199,645
- Other Costs, Reclassifications, Adjustments-$6,181
Total 2B. Hardware / Software / Contracts (UU, LL , etc)$282,566
Total 2. Direct Dedicated Resources$1,838,453

3. Indirect Costs

3A. Allocated Shared Resources
Total 3A. Allocated Shared Resources$0
Total 3. Indirect Costs$0

4. Indirect Costs

4A. Shared ITD Data Center Services
Hosting - Linux OS Support-SV120$28384$23,772
Data - Silver (Clarion Auto-Tier FC, SATA)-SF0C0$0.0121602036$19,224
Data - Data Backup and Recovery -SG100$0.0893748200$66,814
Hosting - Dedicated x86 Platform Support***-SV110$78524$18,840
Hosting - Windows OS Support-SV210$116120$13,920
Hosting - Shared VMWare Platform Support*-SV350$78420$32,760
Unified Communications - 1000 Mpbs Campus Routed/Switched-SJ1R0$175548$84,240
Total 4A. Shared ITD Data Center Services   $259,571
Total 4. Indirect Costs$259,571

5. Allocated Costs

5A. Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service
Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service$342,790
Total 5A. Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service$342,790
5B. Allocated Commonwealth Information Warehouse to MMARS (60%) and HRCMS (40%)
Allocated Commonwealth Information Warehouse to MMARS (60%) and HRCMS (40%)-$2,440,814
Total 5B. Allocated Commonwealth Information Warehouse to MMARS (60%) and HRCMS (40%)-$2,440,814
Total 5. Allocated Costs-$2,098,024

6. Management Adjustments

6A. Management Adjustments
Total 6A. Management Adjustments$0

Total 6. Management Adjustments$0

GrandTotal: Application Services - Commonwealth Information Warehouse$0

7. Rates Pertaining to this Service

7A. Rates Pertaining to this Service
  $ $0
Total 7A. Rates Pertaining to this Service   $0


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Published August 14, 2009
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